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Daily comments on your food diary giving you insight into your nutrition, and habits, advising you to along the way, keeping you accountable. I'm also all about building a positive relationship with food when you may have had the opposite, enriching your life. 

Personalised nutritional targets based on your lifestyle and goals, recipe packs- one size doesn't fit all! These are adjusted as and when needed

A fully personalised exercise program for building strength, toning and fat loss, to fit in around you not the other way around! Adjusted on a monthly basis. I also prescribe programs for many other goals too

Weekly and mid weekly check ins: for support, guidance and accountability with video feedback on our plan of action. I'll also offer advice on how to navigate around barriers in your life.

The DigiCoach Academy support group with other clients includes daily motivational posts, science based information in a range of topics, recipe packs, guides on a variety of topics (menopause, diabetes, nutriton etc.), Live Q&As, classes (pilates, metafits, strength classes) etc. Knowledge is power! 

Access to online classes and in person classes for Free! 

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£149 per month